Making beats

Play or program beats, melodies, and harmonies with Push’s 64 pads.

When playing drums, Push’s grid of 64 pads is divided into three sections, allowing you to play in real time, step sequence, and adjust the length of your loop, all at the same time.

Play drums

Play beats live with velocity sensitive pads and adjust sounds and kits while you play with eight touch-sensitive endless encoders. Hold a pad to repeat notes in time with your track and adjust the repeat divisions or swing in real time.

Watch: Learn playing drums on Push

Step sequence beats

Step sequence beats directly using the pads for precise control. Select any step and tweak timing, velocity, and parameter values individually for each cell. See velocity and accents for each step shown on Push’s pads.

Watch: Learn sequencing drums

Adjust your loop

Select which bar of your loop you want to sequence or adjust the length of the loop.

Play more

Optionally, use the whole grid of 64 pads for real-time playing. Then quickly switch between layouts to step sequence or change your loop length again.

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