Playing notes and chords

When playing melodic instruments, Push’s pads correspond to pitches, allowing you to play notes and chords. Live 11 unlocks polyphonic aftertouch on all Push hardware.

Play notes on the grid

When playing instruments, Push “folds” a keyboard’s worth of notes to its 64 pads. Pad colors show key center, other notes in the key, and any notes you’ve recorded. Push’s condensed layout means large intervals can be reached easily, and patterns can be played with the same fingerings in all keys. Use Push’s touch slider for pitch bend or modulation.

Watch: Learn playing chords

Choose a scale

Select a key and scale with the touch of a button and the pads light to show you the notes in that scale. Other notes are unlit - or can be hidden altogether for purely diatonic playing.

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Step sequencing notes and chords

Step sequence melodies and harmonies. Edit or delete notes to fix mistakes or create variations. Nudge single notes or chords for precise timing changes or adjust note length and velocity.

Watch: Learn step sequencing melodies

Step sequencing automation

Hold a step while adjusting an encoder to record a parameter's value for only that step. Create rhythmic, quantized parameter changes that are locked to specific notes in your loop.

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